Top recruitment sectors for a internship or a job

As the crisis affected all countries of the world, we could expect companies to stop recruiting new employees for a period of time. Actually some sectors weren’t touched by this   and there are some companies, even if not too many, that carry on with hiring workers, especially young graduates.

However you just have to be attentive and reactive because companies are increasingly selective about recruitment and the competition is really hard.

Let’s see what are those sectors that resist the crisis and give a chance to young people :

  • Industrial sector which have an economic downturn, but companies like Thales or L’Oreal continue to hire new workers trough social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, Linkedin and others, to attract more young graduates. Aeronautics and aerospace companies are the main recruiters for this sector as they are always looking for new engineers. They offer a lot of opportunities.

  • It is not surprising that the IT sector is one of best recruiters in the world for young graduates. Companies like Apple, Google or Samsung or many others are dream companies for young graduates and they hire a lot of them.

  • Audit consulting can be found in every huge company and even in smallest companies since they understand the importance of it for their long-lasting success. They recruit young people because they have young visions and new ideas. During the interview, the applicants’ personality is really important for them.

  • The ecology sector represents a future sector because the health of the earth has become a priority for the northern countries and for the population. That’s why a lot of enterprises invest in renewable energies whether in the private sector or in the public one. Therefore they hire a lot of people and mainly young workers.

  • Another sector which didn’t experience the crisis is the insurance one. Indeed, thanks to “oldie boom” a lot of old people need an insurance for them and their families. The big groups like Axa, Allianz, ING or Swiss Life recruit new employees to deal with this demand.

  • The health sector is an important recruiter because they are still understaffed of surgeons, practitioners, nurses, due to the retirement of many health professionals and the increase of old people who need medical care. They are very demanding but they make every effort to hire the candidate if they have the required profile.

  • It is time to consider a career in the Land force, Navy or Air Force. The army professions vary a lot from officer to commander, either engineer, practitioner or pilot… You can join the army after your baccalaureate and carry on your formation in a military school where you can specialize in a profession of your choice. Each country recruit young people: Royal Navy in UK, Marine in France…

So you have a lot of possibilities to find an internship during your studies or a job after your degree. Even with the crisis, the slowdown and the decline of some lines of business, there are many opportunities in the professional world. You just should know what you want and have the required profile with some skills appreciated by companies, like speaking several languages and having a strong personality.

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