Illegal questions during an interview

You have already done an interview or you will do it in the future. Thus, is really important to know what kind of questions your recruiter will ask you in order to prepare your answers as best you can. This will help you to be more confident during the interview and to make a good impression since the beginning. The employers want to know everything about you, both your life and your environment. But, some questions can be tricky or illegal mainly when they refer to your age, race, national origins, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, health or criminal record.

Indeed, they must not exceed your private rights or not hire you because of discriminatory questions. That’s completely illegal. Therefore, you have to answer to all the questions but pay attention that they aren’t illegal because you can choose to not reply or even file a complaint if this happens.

Now, the hardest part is to recognize them because the interviewer don’t ask these questions directly but use subterfuges. I am going to present you some stratagems that the recruiters use to request you these type of questions.

Firstly, in your CV you are not obliged to mention these kind of information except if you want but not because the company demand you to do that.

They want to know how long you can work with them in order to determine if they can hire you or not and to know how many years you have before your retirement. This is not an exception because the employers must only know if you have the age to work. This means that you should be an adult.

Sometimes, the recruiters want to know your origins and they use a lot of ways to do that. Often, they can ask you about the foreign languages you can speak and how you learned them. This is inappropriate because they can know it simply reading your CV.

About the questions of your physical abilities, they are legal only if they are related to the job application and if they are the same for all the candidates. For this reason, you are not obliged to answer if they ask you questions like if you use some kind of drugs or somethings else.

Then, they can request you if you have a criminal record but they are only allowed to know if you have ever been convinced to commit a crime without asking you further precisions as the duration or why or when you have done it.

Furthermore, don’t forget questions related to the religion which are very frequent during an interview. However, they can ask you if you can work during the weekends but only if they demand the same to all the applicants and if is necessary.

There are a lot of others illegals questions used by recruiters to get more information about you but I think with all the things I have previously underlined you know now how to recognize illegal questions during an interview and how to protect yourself about discriminatory ones. Don’t be scared to ask to the others applicants if they have had your same questions when even one of them look strange to you.

To sum up, working together on this, is the only way to prevent any kind of discrimination and fight against it.

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