How to overcome your shyness?

Many people think they are very shy and don’t want to speak loud in font of strangers or people in general. These people can overcome shyness by training themselves and stop being afraid of what other people think about them. During your whole life, people will judge, criticize and say mean things about you but you can’t avoid it, shy or not. So the first step would be not to pay attention to what those people say. Focus on what your friend think about you, because they are the ones who really know you.

Concerning the oral expression, training alone can be a good way to improve, because step by step you will be more self confident. Besides, doing an internship or a job with team work helps a lot. As you are confronted to obligations, you have to share your opinion and sometimes give new ideas. It’s hard because you might be scared to say stupidities but who doesn’t? That’s also these mistakes that make you stronger and make you think more for the next time.
Tons of people are more or less shy, and for some of them it is a real flaw. These people should not want to change because in any way, they won’t be extroverted. Accept your shyness and try to improve it every day in order to forget it. It’s in your temper and you can’t change it from one day to the next.

The main problem of shyness is that others consider it is a problem for you, whereas it is not and it’s worse when they tell you because you feel uncomfortable. In spite of what people think, shyness brings many good attractions and is under estimated because our society is focused on fame. Being attentive to others, having good comprehension and thinking before speaking make these people good friends and companion of life. They are able to take global views of issues and think how to fix it. These adjectives sum up what a shy person is in general, and will help you to place yourself: tactful, discrete, humble, reserved, respectful, kind, empathic and perfectionist.

It is a common mistake to get shy people mixed up with introvert people. To make sure you will not make the mistake again, let me explain you what’s the difference. According to studies, half of the population is introverted, and the other one extroverted. It is in our genes and it results in our behaviour. Introverted people tend to be more quiet and prefer to live in a calm way. They globally prefer being in an environment they know to be at ease, and sometimes shut themselves away when it is too crowded or uncomfortable for them. They like to be alone, they are creative, full of ideas, they are considered as thinking people, they always plan their actions before acting. These adjectives can help you to situate yourself if you think you are an introverted person: serene, quiet, good listener, solitary and rational.

To conclude, we can say that shy people avoid social interaction because of their fear and anxiousness about strangers whereas introverted people would rather be alone to evolve in a safe way and so they can act as they see fit.

One thought on “How to overcome your shyness?

  1. This article really helped me.
    I’m really shy myself and i don’t think its a good think
    i want to be able to speak in front of a crowd without being scared.
    These tips might help me achieving that goal!

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